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World Chess Champions

The Birth of Chess

“Chess”, have you heard the name? .Haven’t you! then you are far detached from a great history of oldest skill game of board with rich historical background. Knowing it just not enables to think sharply but also makes your judgments very much appropriate in life, at least people say so. So why not give it a shot at least, you never know it might come out to be the best decision of your life. Go ahead and learn and play it for fun and skill both.

The beginning of all this is surrounded by controversy never ending. Every now and then we hear a new birth era of it. However some of them have strong and firm backgrounds of proof behind the notions of their own predictions. Many centuries ago in China, India, and Persia Chess was a very popular game to be played. As a matter of fact no one really knows about its whereabouts of which country it originated accurately. In the 8th century, Arabs armies known as Moors invaded Persia. The Moors learned chess from the Persians. Later When the Moors invaded Spain; the soldiers brought the game of chess with them to a new land increasing its area of play in the world. Soon the Spanish were playing chess, too. From Spain, chess quickly spread throughout all of Europe.

Some say it was in India where it all began. In India it was known by the name of ‘Chaturanga’ in the medieval times. There are evidences that chess was played in India. In all the ancient documentations it can be traced that chess or chaturanga as it was called was a very popular game among common masses and the royal courtiers. ‘Shatranj’ was used for the name of Chess itself in Persia.

It is said that the game may have been originated something around 600 A.D in somewhere around Northern India or Afghanistan. China was also one of the earliest of to be in the league of chess playing nations. It has its own of chess being played over there at the early phase. Shogi is a very popular variation of the game in Japan.

David Li in Genealogy of Chess” comes up with certain evidences which clearly shows, it aroused in China around 2nd century B.C. In 7th century for the first time there was a reference of the game in literature. The first mention of Chess is found in a Persian poem according to which the advent of the game took place in India. Chess migrated to Persia(Iran) during the reigns of King Chosroe-I Annshiravan (531-579) as described in a Persian book of this period.

I came across a site recently it was very much stuffed with chess historical happenings and its origin’s. It is very much informative indeed for those who want to know everything about the game.

Reference: WorldchessChampions.Com.

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